Why did he cut email conversation abruptly at the best moment?

Hello girls!

On a trip to the UK, I met a girl from Romania. She was there as a bachelor student, I went for tourism alone as I don't know anybody in the UK.

We had a good time talking, having a beer or two and walking by the city, just one day. Next day I flied back home. We really had a good time over there in London.

Back in home, I wrote her, she replied. We had a very stimulating series of replies, questions, comments. Long mails, almost instant replies, etc, you picture

She is very smart and intellectual and love long mails and she writes in a delightful way.

She said the same about me before I remarked that about her.

She said how much she loved reading me and that she was missing me so much that I should go back to London and spent a few days in meaningful conversations but in person.

She said how she went reading my mails time and again

Really, I can tell you the magic was there just as we were together in London, in person.

We didn't kiss each other nor did we held hands, just talking and smiling. Really.

Now, when we were in London she told me she had a Swedish boyfriend but that they were about to break and that she was going back to Romania as soon as she finished her bachelor degree.

Well, the point is, a day before she graduating, I sent her an email wishing her good luck and that I was sure she would be succesful

Then immediately she replied with lots of kisses and she told me that meant so much to her and that she felt so much better reading my mail, so confident, that it was stimulating and encouraging and couldn' stop sending kisses to me. She told me she will reply as soon as she fixes many issues. But she kept sending me kisses all the way.

Well, I didn't expected such a warm reply, really, didn't expect that.

Now, then I answered back telling her I send kisses too and that I'm happy I'm helping somehow and I wish her the best, and I was looking to hear from her as soon as she was ready and relaxed to write back.

Well, that was the last mail.

Didn't get any reply any after.

I contacted her after two weeks and told me back in a cold fashion "I haven't had time, sorry, how are you doing? I thought you forgot about me, I thought we will never write to each other as so many days have passed since your last email, I think you forgot about me, well, anyway, how are you doing over there?"

That was all!

Then I replied in a warm and calm way "Im fine, wishing you were fine, didn't contact you because didn't want to interrupt as you told me you will contact me soon after you were done with your issues so wanted to respect your time, but I been thinking about you and wishing everything OK, so let me know how things are going over there, I would love to know!"

That was a more than a month ago and haven't had any answer any more

What could have happened?

Well, thanks!


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  • I think you got duped.

    • Thanks, so basically she was just writting crap that was totally untrue?

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    • Eh, you do know Romanians are well known for being scam artists? they come to spain to pick pocket because that's the only job they can have there. The men are well known to traffick girls into UK for illegal brothels. I'm sure her intentions have been real at the time of meeting you but anyone can be nice and truthful for gain later on.

    • I been contacted by scammers from Russia and Ukraine and they do not give up that easily. Scamm girls ar very insisting and try to seduce you and lure you in a very polite and smart way and never give up, even if you stop answering they continue for while sending smart mails. This Romanian girl didn't behave this way at all. If a scammer she is a very poor one far from and artist level!

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  • It must be very painful and frustrating for you - you have invested a lot of feelings and from what you say, she did seem interested. It is possible that she liked the spice of a good conversation, the flirt from a safe distance, but when she realized you might be interested in a relationship, she found the stakes too high (because to start off with a long distance relationship is not easy).

    But from your long question and the fact that it still bothers you after a month, it is clear that you don't have any feeling of closure. To be honest, it doesn't sound to me as if it has a future, but you only know if you talk to her. Perhaps e-mail her again and ask for a Skype date? Or write down your feelings as clearly and honestly as possible and e-mail her.

    If you think her email is superficial, then you have every right to say so. But if that doesn't produce any results, you need to forget about her. I wish you good luck and I hope you'll get an honest answer one way or the other.

  • she lost interest or didn't think the convo was going anywhere.

  • it was too much for her.

    • Thanks for answer. What you mean by too much? Was I annoying or something?

  • she gave away ot much and got embarassed

    • So you mean she showed so much about her feelings, so open so she got embarrassed about it? Can't get it.

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    • Well, it may be the case, but any mature person would overcome that in a few days, don't you think so?

    • yes a mature person would

  • she didn't know what else to say?

    • Oh, she could say whatever, she doesn't need to say something special

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  • It seems that she just had something to do.


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