How can I keep my boyfriend wanting me?

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for 9 months. and we have always been very sexual, and affectionate with each other. I became pregnant within the first month we were together, and now our baby is due next month. a few months ago he moved in with me. we were both in long term relationships prior to being which each other. His ex girlfriend and him were together for 6 years, and were on & off their last year together, but we still having sex until close to the time him & I got together. They still wanted to remain friends, but after a few months, I decided against it, since I think there are still some feelings there. He broke it off with her and wanted to find a new girlfriend, saying he was no longer attracted to her and was studying pickup to find a girl for a while when he met me. He had slept with about 6 girls since their breakup, when he met me. I guess I'm just worried he is maybe only staying with me because we are having a baby together.? I don't know. He also seems to have lost some interest in me, but that might also be because I'm 8 months pregnant. -I'm worried maybe it won't work and I will be alone again. I also have three other children from a previous marriage. so it really scares me to be alone with four children. I love him a ton, and he always says he loves me too. and we use to kiss all the time, and now he turns his head when I try to kiss him. and lately I'm usually the one that wants to make out or have sex. I would just like to get some opinions on this as to what others think. How can I keep my boyfriend interested in me, and keep him wanting me? and do you think this is normal? Thanks! =)


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  • as long he is truly into you ..there is no need to give an extra effort but since your pregnant and he has lost interest in you also by looking into his previous records I beleive he is not a responsible person who would settle down easily...If its all about physical attraction then you may keep up with that but then relationships surivive more on trust,faith,loyalty,caring and bond ...and less on getting physical...relationships rely on physical attraction has low mileage ...I suggest you try to make him a good person first ...and see what happens

    • thank you for your advice. I think he genuinely loves me. We are just like best friends, sorry I apologize I forgot to mention this in the question. we spend most of our time together playing games together, watching movies, cuddling. I guess I am just worried he will lose interest in me like he did with his ex girlfriend. I just really want to keep him happy in all ways. Again, thank you for your advice I will definitely keep that in mind.

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  • A couple of thoughts came to mind here.

    1. If this is his first child, and the time is getting closer to its birth, he might just be realizing how much his world is about to change. And he might be being stand-offish as a reaction to this huge life change. Being that he hasn't dealt with it before he doesn't know how to react.

    2. Try making sure your teeth are brushed before kissing him. Who knows your hormones might be causing a smell of sorts.

    3. Even if he is only staying for the sake of the baby, he gets partial credit for trying to be in the child's life. But remember, one unhappy parent and a happy parent does not a happy baby make!

    Give him some adjustment time and talk to him about your concerns. When it boils down to it, speaking on terms of his sexual past... All fathers have a sexual thing for the mother of their child. It is within our dna. If you want him to stay attracted to you physically, ask HIM, because not all guys want the same thing.

    • Thank you for your advice, and yes this is his first child. =) Again, thank you!

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  • do everything he likes about you

    • thank you, and will do =)

  • you just need to be nice, not clingy or anyhitng like that.


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