Need help. Confused about a guy.

Me and some really close friends of mine were talking. The three of them said I should totally go for this guy and later that evening was the first time we met. Let's call him Thomas. Some days after I got faceraped and yeah we starting texting. Made this deal that if he watched Prison Break I would watch Breaking Bad. And we texted from time to time about the series, how we liked it and stuff. Few days later a fellow friend of ours, which also was there the first time we met had his birthday. Me and my girlfriend which is the girlfriend of the guy who held the birthday went to his city and the birthday kid came to pick us up. Now we were just waiting for Thomas. The time came, and we went to pick him up. At first it was like really awkward and me and Thomas didn't talk at all. Then he brings up Prison Break and we talk about it and stuff. When sitting in this guys room we talked a lot and really connected and had really much in common.

Since then we also texted, but this weekend, my girlfriend, her boyfriend and Thomas came to my town, because there was a carnival if you can call it that. Thomas was supposed to be come to my town on Friday along with the others two, but he was sick. Anyways we all had a great time and on Saturday we finally met again. We had made this deal, that he should stay at my place on the weekend for this carnival, because he needed a place to stay. So we got drunk, went out to listen to this music group, had a great time. When we were walking home I met this old classmate of mine, and told Thomas what I'd always thought of him. Thomas said something about the guy, which made me upset and I kinda yelled at him. So he turned to me, took me in his arms and told me how sorry he was, then we held our arms around each other all the way to my place. When arrived at my place all of us were really drunk. Me and Thomas were great, and had a great drunken conversation about stuff, but even though we were drunk I still felt some real feelings in there. Earlier that evening a sister of a friend of mine had asked him if there was anything between us, and he said that he thought there could be something, but he wasn't sure. At my place all of us were really cozy, had a great time talking about stuff. But I was really drunk, called Thomas sweet all the time, said how I loved him, how cute he was etc. That's also kind of a thing of ours when being sober also. Anyways, I was on a madrass on the floor and halft on the bed, while he was lying on the bed. We were talking really cute to each other called each other sweet and stuff like that. People knows how it usually goes. So he kinda takes my hand, says cute stuff and suddenly we're holding hands, lying there and saying how much we love each other. Sunday, the day after they had to leave.. Anyways, when they were about to leave I'm like: Hey! Won't I get any hugs? He hugged me, held me tight.for a long time! then left. I can say I definitely fel something, but I don't know. Somebody help?


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  • tlel him you guy sshould go out sometime and ge tit over with.

  • i think you should give him a chance.

    • I'm giving him a chance! I like him. Like a lot.

      I've texted him a lot lately, but I don't want to feel like I bug him, so I'm waiting for him to text me, but he doesn't. He used to text me everyday and now there's nothing. Unless I text him and we have a great convo. I just don't know how to take it one step further when we neither speak or text.

    • well stop texting and just ask him once to hang out with you.

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