On a little "break" from talking/hanging out, but not broken up - HELP

My boyfriend of one year and I are taking a break from seeing or talking to each other. We aren't breaking up/seeing other people yet but we are not going to talk for a bit... basically he realized we were spending way too much time together, he missed his friends, and he was getting annoyed at me for every little thing. He is a horrible communicator - he didn't tell me or talk to me about it ever. He just let it build up until he felt this huge rush of irritation... We took a break for one week, he came to me and missed me and he knew he should have just been honest with me, and that he wanted to get back to normal but to slowly ease back into it.

Then after hanging out a few times and not talking that much he said he needed more time.

I told him I'd leave him alone. He said "don't worry it won't be more than a week or two, I just don't want that feeling of annoyance to come back before... it was really scary"

I know if he wanted to just break up with me he would have, he's bascially already had 3 chances in the past few weeks where we met up and talked and I thought he was going to but he doesn't.

So confused. Do breaks for a few weeks ever work? Is it possible that taking this time apart is just what he needs to rekindle his passion for me?

Also - to clarify - we are not seeing other people, we are still in a relationship, just not talking.


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  • yes, they do sometimes


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  • Taking a break has always been a bad idea

  • i don't like them for me they only bring more drama or whatever.


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