Does he like me like a sister or a girlfriend?

Hey guys, this is a question thoughtful been bothering me for days, I'd really appreciate your help!

We've know ichthyology form nearly 9 years, our parents are really good friends but we weren't living in the same country and we were never that close, until recent 2 years.

This summer we've been scenting every single day together, he's 2 years older than me and we've always see ichthyology as little sis and the big bro.

He'd be taking out sightseeing; meet his friends and etc.. Since I came to visit my aunt in the city that he's at.

he would often poke me, play with my hair (all the body touches) that's necessery.. and we'd go out whenever he's free

im going back home in one week and he will be visiting the same city in a month.

I'd love to know what you guys think in order to help myself to organize my feelings :)


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  • You are not his girlfriend if you do not know whether you are! It does feel like this is much more than simply being nice to you as a friend of the family. It's very hard to say what the relationship is in his mind. It may be revealing to see how much you are in contact with each other in the time that you are apart.


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  • i think he likes you in a friendly way

  • i think you ar ejust friendly.


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