My ex girlfriend won't even talk to me

we broke up almost 2 months ago, and honestly I am still not over her. I miss her and I still love her. we had a really ugly breakup (no I did not hit her).

after we broke up I dropped off flowers at her house and kept calling her and texting her. she got an order of protection against me saying I'm harassing her. she blocked me on Facebook and instagram and everything else you can think of.

so now BY LAW I can not come in contact with her. I don't expect to get back together with her because our relationship is so over, but I just want one more chance to look my baby in the eyes and tell her I'm sorry; sorry for all the terrible things I've said to her.



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  • she doesn't have to talk to you


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  • i think you should just move on stop doing all of tha.t

  • . just keep moving foward It must be hard to get a restrainjbg order from someone you live shat did you say to her?


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