Boyfriend needs space/a break for a few weeks... what will happen?

My boyfriend said he needed a week or two long "break" from hanging out to get some space because we were spending too much time together, and he was getting easily frustrated/annoyed with me because of it.

He is really conflicted... we met halfway through after one week (his idea) and he told me he really wants to be with me still. He really missed me during the first week, and couldn't stop thinking about me etc. and wants to work through our annoyances/problems and make our relationship better. But he needed another week or two of space before hanging out again.

He told me he feels really bad because he knows it is hurting me, but he just really needs the space to rekindle his passion for me...

Is this normal? Is this good or bad? Can space really make a guy love his girlfriend more?

(also - it's not an excuse to hook up with someone else - we both promised to not date anyone else during this break)


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  • it's a good thing, especially when he came back and said all that

    it means he can't take being away from you but needs man time (normal)

    so basically, when he comes back, be nice but not too much. he needs to work for it because its not okay to leave for long periods of time like that. its not fair to you..a day or 2 is understandable


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  • i think he doesn't like you that much anymore

  • i don't thin its bad right now

  • Me personally, I would not 'need space' from my partner. I would be happy to spend time with them, and the more the better. It's like when you hang out with your friends - you don't become sick of them, even if you see them almost everyday (like people do in school). No offense, but 'taking a break' from hanging out with your girlfriend just seems strange to me


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