He's gone to the other side of the world for one year, should I wait for him?


So one of my best friends just left to go and spend 10 months in the US and I live in Europe. One week before he left we got closer and realized we had really strong feelings for each other, we talked for days about this and we spent the night together.

We had a very hard time saying goodbye and we both hurt as we miss each other as hell. I don't know what to do, should I try to get on with my life here or should I keep in touch with him as much as possible and "wait for him" to come back and start something with him?



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  • If you really care for him you should.


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  • i think you shouldn't wait that is too much

  • if you think its worthy do it.

  • Long distance is always really hard. Do what makes YOU happy but if it gets too hard don't put your life on "hold" for him...He will be back but you still have a life to live in the mean time. If It's meant to be it will work out...He's got a life to live too... do you think he would "wait around" till he gets back too?

    • Yeah you're right, I might try to make it work, and if it doesn't work, I can always try when he gets back. Yeah I really thing he'd wait around, cause he's not the kind of guy that goes out with a lot of girls and I really feel like we got something together.. Thanks a lot

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