Is my boyfriend cheating?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 8 years. there is a blond tramp that he is always eyeing and giving looks and winking at when we go to the movies. [she works there] He always used to let me play with his phone and download games and stuff, but now he won't even let me look at it. another thing is his Facebook. I always used to play on his games and stuff when I was at his house, but he changed his password and blocked me from his Facebook so now even when I am on my account, I can't see his friends.

This is NOT like him. he used to be the one who started the kissing, and now, when I kiss him, he kind of pulls back and acts defensive. if he is cheating, how can I catch him? should I just sit back and watch as that hooker from the theatre makes googly eyes at him when we are supposed to be out on a date? HELP ME PLEASE.


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  • I'm not gonna tell you he's cheating,because I'm not him and he's the

    ONLY one who can say for sure or not! So, I'm gonna give some advice

    just talk to him. People underestimate a conversation, but this under

    handed stuff to try see if he's cheating or not,is only gonna come back to bite you

    later (especially, if he's not cheating).

    1) Don't go snooping through his phone. Because, a) if he's not

    cheating and catches you looking at his phone, all the trust will be

    gone from the relationship and without trust, you have diddle sqat! b)

    any text could look suspious if you want to be and since you're conviced

    he's cheating, that's very likely and just a bad idea all around!

    2) Don't break up with him and with the following pharse "I know you're cheating

    on me!" Then he'll say "what, do you have prof of this?" And, you'll say

    "No, but I just know". Yeah, that's NOT a good idea. Don't break up with

    him, if your gut REALLY tells you somethings up (and I believe in trusting your gut

    and the vibes others are sending out that might seem off) just tell him you

    want to take a break for a bit, because you need some space. And, if he say's okay and you

    see him out with other woman, then you have your answer to the cheating question,

    then you break up with him. But, don't do it before you know for sure.

    3) Don't try to set a trap for him, because he'll lie about the situation if

    he feels backed in the corner and you want the truth. But, you won't get

    it that way.

    The best thing you can do, is just have converstaion with him. Don't accuse

    him of anything or come out guns blazing, because his guard will go up right

    away and he'll get denfensive and you'll never get anywhere. Just talk from the

    heart and tell him how you feel or have been feeling about certain actions of

    his lately and tell him you want the truth (good, bad or otherwise). Just be honest

    but say how" the behavior with the phone and Facebook are not him and so it feels

    little odd to you and you're wondering why sudden change in behavior? Then say

    you feel rejected when you kiss him, because he pulls back and it hurt you feelings.

    Then say, you just want to know what's going on, whatever it may be" That's the

    best most mature way to handle it, I hope this helps. Good luck : )


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  • You're under 18 and dated a guy for 8 years?!? Look, if you don't like how he's treating you - break up.

  • I'd say he is definitely doing things he shouldn't be or at least doesn't want you to know about, and yes possibly cheating. I mean to know if he is physically cheating you'd have to sort of judge whether or not there is a lot of unaccounted time during which he is absent and not available at all. but it seems like there is definite cause to be concerned. After dating for 8-years you should probably have a good feel for when he is being dishonest and not faithful.

    That said there aren't really definitive ways to trap him. You can ask him why the sudden change behavior; such as changing passwords, not allowing you to play games on his electronics and definitely I'd ask him about his changes in behavior when trying to be intimate. Gauge his reactions and responses to determine whether or not he is cheating ... but it sounds like somethings need to be addressed and changed otherwise the relationship seems to have run its course

  • It sounds like he is hiding something from you, most probably text messages involving a girl (possibly the blond). If it was something like drugs and you are still the love of his life he would still adore kissing you. So to hear that he is pulling back when you go and kiss him suggests to me that he has grown cold in his heart towards you. In case you find out that there was another girl after all one question would remain to be answered. Who started the whole thing? Did he start the flirting and talking or did she?

    Keep us informed please so that we learn from this. Goodluck Bond girl :)

  • I would not say he is cheating but there is definitely something going one, behind your back. You could talk to him and ask what is wrong, I mean politely. You don't want to ruin it, do you? So just don't give him a hint that you are suspecting him but a nice little discussion about what is going on his mind. Don't be begging though. There is no way you can pull him back, if he does not want to.


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  • I hate to say it, but yes--he's cheating. Even if he's not sleeping with her yet, he's clearly cheating on you emotionally if he's working so hard to push you out of his life. I know it's not an easy thing, but I think you shouldn't worry about trying to catch him--just end it and move on. The longer you drag things out, the harder it's going to be in the end. I wish you luck!

  • yes, he's being sahdy but you can't jump into conclusions. try to se eif he lets it open sometimes or check his phone.

  • Yes he is

  • i think he is cheating

  • Get cheaters in lol or ask the girl or ask him or follow him otherwise trust your gut feeling and break up with him.


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