Should I go to this get together hosted by my friend?

My friend is having a get together and I'm afraid my ex will be there. Granted, the break up happened almost a year ago but I'm afraid that if I attend and I see him, it could set back all of the progress I made. I don't want to see him with other girls and it'll hurt my feelings when he inevitably ignores me.

Whether he goes or not, his friends will be there and they all know who I am to him. Plus I don't want it to be awkward for everyone there who'll know we're exes. I don't want to miss out on things just because of my ex but I do feel uncomfortable with the thought of him even being around. Obviously I'm still not quite over everything that happened between us.

What should I do?
Thanks everyone. I think I'm pretty certain that I won't go. I'll get to the point where I can be around him and not care one way or the next but I'm not there quite yet.

Thanks, y''all!
I learned that he won't be bringing anyone and that there isn't anyone there that he has an interest in so I feel better about it. Even if something does happen, I'm not going to let it get to me. I'm going to go and not let him dictate or ruin what I do or my time.
I ended up going and I had a good time. I dressed really nice and felt good. I ate good food and chilled with my friends/old classmates and had a lot of laughs! I even talked to one of the hot guys that was there and he seemed to be interested in me. My friend said that my ex seemed jealous that I was talking to the guy. Also, when I got there my ex greeted me with a hug! I think that means we're on good terms now, so I'm pleased by that. He also complimented my hair. I feel good!


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  • Good for you(about your latest update) good luck,and stay strong. It may be awkward,but just keep repeating to yourself " no one dictates my happiness,but me."

    Affirmations truly work!


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  • Yes you should go. I use to avoid places my ex maybe and it just took me longer to get over her by avoiding places she may. Show up looking your best with nothing but smiled


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  • If you think it will hurt you to be there,and if you think you won't be able to act normal,then don't go.

    But you need to understand that eventually,your going to need to be around him.

  • i don't think it would be a good idea but you could try and get a guy to be your date for the nigh t so you have someone to focus on

  • i think that if you already got a nad feeling about it you should not go

  • how many people will be there? If it's a big party, you might not even have to run into him, and there will be plenty of other people there to distract you.

    Also, if you think seeing him with other girls will upset you, why don't you try meeting other guys at this get together?

    If your friend invited both you and the ex, then I think that means no one will feel awkward about the two of you being there, so don't worry about how others will react, worry about yourself.

    • There's only 24 people there. And the guys that are going all associate with my friend who put the thing together and since he and my ex are close, they probably all associate with my ex too. I did think of it as a good way to meet new guys but..I'm not sure. I don't even know that my ex has been invited because he is not supposed to be in town last I heard. But who knows.

    • if your friend is close to your ex then he/she wouldn't have invited you if they thought it would be awkward. but if you are going to be uncomfortable and unhappy the whole time, then don't go.

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