Why does my boyfriend act like this

I was about to give my boyfriend head I called him shorty just joking around so he would last down on the bed and he brings up your ex is tall then tells me I always bring up my ex. Now let me tell you about my ex e had a kid together and in a tornado my son was killed at 16 mnths which crushed me his father jumped on his on mother instead of his kid he was just a horrible dad all together and my boyfriend knows I only tell him horrible things which he did to me and my son I am now pregnant with my bfs kid and when I feel nauseous and can't give him head tells me I'm worthless and that I don't have him even know we had xxx like 6 times or more I don't know what to do anymore help me


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  • he acts like that because you let him

  • i think you should brreak things up with him he's not bieng nice nor considerate.


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