Is this a force in a relationship?

I moved this girl in my house. We been dating since November. She moved in November. I left her for my ex and she has to stay with me because of a house situation, so she has no where to go. I'm a good guy but I feel my life Is standstill and this is a force. She just turned 19 and I'm 22. I basically had to do everything her mom should have done. She has to stay with me until she leaves to go somewhere else. I'm a nice guy but this is horrible. I'm speaking to my ex to see can we work things out. This was a big mistake. My ex has her own house, own everything. If she didn't have money and a housing situation she would have been gone.


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  • You are in a girls account you notice that? I htink you should just keep helping her and just don't give any reason to your ex to not trust you

    • Oooh thanks I didn't know :( and I been helping her for these months and we still in the same spot as before. Nothing has changed and it feel like I'm taking care of a child. I been nice to her but it seems like she only do what I ask when it comes to her finding a job or whatever it may be. I was hoping she would get an apartment and a car because I still drive her around. But she say one thing and do another and I left my ex for her.

  • Keep helping her and don't talk your ex about helping her out

    • If I been helping you out since November and you continually ride off me and haven't did anything to to help yourself I don't feel it's right to help you.

    • And we have a winner! lmao

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