Should I keep trying or just move on?

I just came back from a 19 day trip to Italy and Greece with a group of 37 other high schoolers. There is one boy that I've had a small crush on and kept in contact with since maybe January. During the trip we were pretty much always together and we almost always say together on the bus. (He was upset when I didn't sit near him on the plane.) Everyone one the trip thought he liked me and that something was going on between us and when I asked him about it he said that he " really liked me but was on vacation" He got jealous when I sat with other boys and whenever I talked to other people (mostly when I talked to other boys) on my phone he would sit on my lap or sit near me. On the last night of the trip a group of friends sat in the room with us while we watched tv. While he and I laid in bed (not that I fought it much but he wouldn't let me up unless I had to do something) left us to "be alone" for 15 minutes and we made out and he played with my breasts.

I enjoy his company and he would make a good boyfriend. He pays attention and he hung with my friends and myself while we went shopping in Italy. He even helped us pick things out. He payed attention to us and was fun to be around. Now that I think about it he acted like a boyfriend without the label. He also didn't like it when I wore revealing things for example he'd tell me to fix my shorts if they were to short.


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  • i believe there was a song by a popular rock group of my generation that said "move on baby" so id say move on


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  • i think that if you keep pursuing him you will be wasting your time. he jsut wanted to hook up.


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