Dating an Army guy Pros and Cons.

Have any girls on here dated or know someone that has dated a guy in the army? I have been interested in this guy for awhile that is in the army. He is coming back from Afghanistan in about a month. So now that he is going to be back home (we still live 4hrs apart when he is back) there might actually be a chance of us getting together. I feel like I have kept in contact with him more than his friends have in the past months. Anyways I just want to know what the hard times are like and guys that are in the army what goes through your mind when dating a girl that is back home?


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  • well I'm kind of an army guy/ most all of my friends are going... anyway pros for dating an army guy, they have a steady career (hard to get kicked out and after 30 years he can retire so yall get that check I know it sounds like a long time but that's before 50 trust me that's early as sh*t) benefits, get to travel (if you like that), and you know that he doesn't want you JUST for sex lol

    cons, 6 month deployments (if active duty), move every two years (so if you don't like change) if active duty could come back with ptsd or any other sort of emotional problems depending on what stress he goes under (just as a basic army though probly fine)

    what does the guy think about girls back home? lol theyre always thinking of that Jodie boy but boys bout to die!


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  • My boyfriend is in the beginning year of his six-year contract for the army reserves. It has been hell. He told me during basic, when they can only communicate with letters, a lot of girls pulled a "dear john" and broke it off through snail mail. I'm very very proud of him for doing the army, but I do feel like this country comes before me, and nothing came before me in his eyes before he left. "The only thing harder than being a soldier is loving one" and its damn true. Enter at your own risk. I love him dearly and we are still together but I've grown depressed since he entered (I also started my freshman year of college, so a lot a change happened all at once). He's flying me out to New York City to spend the holidays with him this year and his family but still, each day is a huge struggle. Keep busy, is my best advice.


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