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So me and this guy have been dating for a couple months now well we had broken up over sonething then got back together. But while we had broke up he went to go out with his ex girlfriend because she said she.was in town so when I found that out I was a little upset so after we got back together I asked if he liked her still he said no we just went out to catch up and so I aaked him to delete her number and don't talk to her again and he had a problem with that I had to beg him to delete her number he says that its not like that she a friend but what I wanna no is could he still have feelings for her he got mad at me when we were broke up and I texted a guy but he went out with his ex what do you guys think


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  • I think you are asking too much... it is 100% possible to platonic friends with an ex. Unless you have past issues regarding cheating or lying then you need to learn how to trust you dude. Have faith in him that he is a good person and wouldn't betray you. You simply should not dictate who your significant other is friends with. It is not a good foundation for a relationship. I understand your concern but it is just bad business to start saying who a guy can be friends and can't be friends with simply because of your own insecurity.

    Besides deleting her number really does nothing right? He could write the number down elsewhere, memorize it, or she could call him so in reality it on creates a superficial sense of security.

    TRUST HIM until he proves there is no reason to, but unless he has a shady or sketchy history with you regarding honesty (whihc you haven't mentioned) then you shouldn't treat him like a untrustworthy person. Otherwise you may create an environment where he feels like he has to do things behind your back because you have unrealistic and unfair expectations


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  • Although its not right for anyone to dictate who our boyfriend/girlfriend can contact with, it is kinda a respect thing that he would not have her number in his phone.

    You two got back together - he obviously wants you not her, but your relationship is still new...wait it out, keep your eyes open, but give him the benefit of the doubt, until he actually does Fk up there is no proof he's a cheater or a lier right?

    • why is it obvious that he wants her? aside from them going out to "catch up" what else is there to suggest that he wants her?

    • @madhatters4 - I didn't get the impression she thinks he wants the ex. I was saying he got back together with her(annonymus user here) even though while they were broke up he spoke to his ex. (catching up)

  • well I would tlak to him and tell him how I feel then want him to tell me what he feels and get to compromise on something.

  • i don't think you should be telling him who to talk to


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