Is there any dream interpreters out there?

I keep have dreams about my ex boyfriend the first dream was him holding on to my arm with a death grip while I was driving the car I kept asking him to let go but he wouldn't. The second one I had last night was I was with the movies with a bunch of my friends and he came in and act like he walked in the theatre and acted very distant like he didn't want to be there and did not want to be there more of a cocky way he did not sit by me in the theatre and all the other couples were sitting together but he was way across the movie theatre, we then left the movie to go somewher and come back but as we was driving back towards the movie he said in a mean cocky way I don't want to go back take me home. So I took him home and we started to argue about if their was other women he was seeing and he never would answer and every time I would try to leave he would pull me back crying don't go...
So sorry for the typos and grammatical errors sent this from a cell phone


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  • i think its just more of a subcnoscious opinion you have of your relationship

    • Sometimes the most simple answers do the job thanks!

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  • Yes, I charge 100$ an hour.


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