Missin my ex...looking for guidance..

I'm really wanting a reconciliation with my ex. he's currently in another relationship (and has had a few since we broke up-none lasting longer than 2-3yrs), I've had two..one that was sexual, one that was a relationship. I still find myself wanting us to be together. We have two sons together and have been apart for almost a decade and were together almost as long. I've been the longest relationship he's ever had and vice-versa. He's really strong headed and had bad-mouthed me for years to people. Can guys get past that, and do guys not bring up their exs because they still harbor feelings? Good/bad? I know when we are in person talking and start getting close (to the point he starts following me around like a lost puppy) then he abruptly "has to go". I think he does this because he's feeling emotions for me he doesn't want to feel. We had a terribly nasty break-up, I want to show him I've changed, doing the things he's always desired from me (stability, better home life etc) He's selfish by nature and loves a woman who'll pay half his bills and let him free-roam, do whatever he likes. Though his good points strongly out-weigh the bad. We were really best friends, I want to regain that and help him put aside his old preconceptions of me trying to intentionally make his life hell. Is this a feasible desire for me after so long..to regain the intense love we once had?


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  • i would jsut try to date more guys and move on. I wouldn't take another chance.

  • wait until he is out of the relationship to make a move


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