My ex girlfriend feels guilty?

My ex girlfriend told me 5 months after the break up that she left me for someone else. She tried to justify herself. She is trying to ease her own guilt and why does it matter anymore? She told me she is so happy with him and my ex hasn't seen me in 5 months. Why would she feel the need to ease her guilt after all this time? She told me this after not talking for 2 months.


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What Girls Said 1

  • i would say she is just trying ot ger rid of the guilt, don't think much of it


What Guys Said 1

  • Some girls are like that.

    If it doesn't matter to you, and if you're over her, then just take her words at face value and go back to ignoring her.

    If you want to hurt her in some way, laugh at her and say it's cute that she thinks you'd give a sh*t. And then go back to ignoring her.

    If you still care about her or something, use this to recognise what sort of girl she really is, and stop pining for her.


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