Why did my boyfriend unblock his ex on twitter?

They dated for 3 years and during that time she cheated on him a staggering 9 times sometimes with his friends. He claims he hates her and that she's a sh*tty person. Then 2 months ago she followed him and he followed her back. I found out completely by accident and confronted him. I unfollowed her for him and blocked her because his account was logged in on the computer. When confronted, he admitted it was wrong to follow her and that he would have reacted the same way I did. He said he loved me, meant it and I thought it was over. Then today I happened to be tooling around on his twitter and what do I see? But she's following him AGAIN.. Wtf.. I mean I don't wanna be a crazy girlfriend but a girl's got limits. thoughts?


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  • Whoa..that's HIS twitter, not yours. You have no right to block and unfollow people on his account. It's just twitter, it's a damn social network, it's not like he's meeting up with her and f***ing her behind your back. You need to chill out, take a step back, and realize it's really not that big of a deal.

    Don't get me wrong, I COMPLETELY know how you feel. I hate when my boyfriend follows any girl on twitter, I just have to realize, he's not talking to them, and there's no harm in simply following someone on a social network.

    You say you don't want to be a "crazy girlfriend" but you kinda already are if you blocked someone on his account. You can't control everything he does and he can't control if someone follows him on twitter. I have to constantly tell myself this too, believe me, I'm not trying to be rude or anything because I really can understand how it made you feel. You just need to be a little less controlling. If he was messaging her or something then yes, you have every right to be upset about that, but simply following her? That's really not a big deal.

    I have dealt with my boyfriend's numerous exes when we first got together (we've been together for 4 years now) so I promise I'm not just talking out of my ass. Lol So, I think you need to not be so controlling and emotional over freaking twitter. It's really not that big of a deal. If you trust him then it shouldn't be an issue. And the more you push him to "unfollow" people and "block" people then that's just going to make him distance himself from you and push YOU away. Let him have a little freedom, you can't control everything he does. I know how it is, I struggled with that for a LONG time until finally I realized it was ruining my relationship rather than helping it. You gotta learn to let some things go. Your constant nagging is not going to make him listen to you, it's only going to push him farther away.

    • i mean he said he would have done the same thing had our roles been reversed the first time. I just don't understand how he can say he wants to move forward and then go backwards. if he wants her out, then she should be out. I shouldn't have to wonder why. and I mean you're right it's not that big a deal but why take a chance with letting someone back in in any way after they've hurt you so much.

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    • i mean it really isn't that big of a deal you're absolutely right. he's just been acting really weird ever since I noticed that.

    • Hmm...well that's odd. Maybe he's just unsure of how you feel exactly. It's probably a little awkward for him. My suggestion would be to talk to him about it. Communication is important in relationships. You just need to calmly discuss it with him, try not to be too pushy in the conversation, just explain why it made you uncomfortable and see what he has to say about it.

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  • Who cares? you shouldn't be snooping around on hiss twitter

    • um its definitely not snooping when followers are public..

    • you are still looking for stuff.

  • i think you shouldn't be caring about that


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