My ex got bet up and I'm getting the blame?

My ex got bet up 2 weeks back and told everyone I was behind it that I gor him bet up now his new girlfriend and all her friends are givinge abuse. I wasn't even in the town when it happened and the 2 guys that did it I don't even know them? I pityed him for a while after we broke up as he was an idiot of a guy but now pity has gone and hatred has set in. I'm so hurt he'd say that and all I ever did was worry and care he was going to be OK. How can he think he can lie like this about me? How dare he! I'm feeling revengful


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  • let him say what he wants too, don't pay attention to him

    • Oh he can accuse me all he like its actually sad he's doing this but now I have his girlfriend and her idiot friends saying it. Ugh. And I'm from a small town as it is. And he ain't wven from here :O his gfriend is though

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  • Well now just hire someone to really beat him up. If he thinks you did it you may as well give him a "second". He's asking for it.

    ( Don't really hire thugs to beat him up please )

    • I would never lower myself to him someone or get someone else. Violence isn't the ans and what's bugging me is I have no reason to get him hit. He ain't worth time or effort let alone being bet up

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    • Oh all I said to his girlfriend was it had nothing to do with me and I wasn't even in town the night it happened but they can believe what they want.

    • Well now all there is to do is to kick back and watch them run amok amongst each other in the face of this "travesty". Your old man is an idiot, so now the world knows it and someone beat him up for it.

  • You're no one to be blamed. YOu're not part of it

    • Exactly I had absolutly nothing to do with it. Slander is what he's doing

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  • dont pay attention to him


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