Does she like and want to be with me or no

There is a lady that I really like. She is a year older that I am. I haven't like a girl like this since 2010. I get nervous around her, but not anymore. She comes from a ghetto neighborhood, but overall she is still a classy educated great job having lady with 3 kids. She's been engaged 3 times. My career is in a high salary rage as well. I think in a way it intimidates her because she rarely seems to want to acknowledge it unlike when we first started talking.

Anyway.. we we met online because I thought I knew her. She would rarely respond because she was with her ex that I didn't know about. Of course this was before we started talking. So they ended what they had and 3 months later she wrote me and we started talking and started really liking each other. Well, we mainly communicated over the phone and finally hung out twice after a month. It seems after the 2nd time.. she stopped calling me as much. This girl use to call & text me all the time and even drove 2 hours to visit me on my business trip. I admit I told her I'm surprised she wants someone like me. I guess I was thinking less confident since I was blinded by her beauty. Well I've changed back into the confident man that I was when we started. So about 3 weeks ago she told me she realized she not over her ex and they ended 6 months ago and she not trying to rush into another relationship. So I told her I'll let her go and get herself right. Well a week later she came to support me at my event and later told me she still wants to talk and get to know me and how I'm the one who stopped us from talking and also that her and her ex are a done deal and she didn't want him. So from there we were back on, but I wouldn't really hear from her and I would sometimes call and text her but not as much so she won't think I'm rushing her.

Well she called me two days ago and the next day and also on her lunch. She told me the other night that her ex asked her "Why are they not moving forward since they always on the phone?" She told him she "not into him like that" So I got curious because her & I are not on the phone as much, but she's on the phone with her ex? That don't sound right to me. So I asked her and she said it has nothing to do with me.. I told her I just wanna know if they have something going on and she told me "They talk every little bit not too often.. like every 2 weeks or so and they may hang out when they see each other at mutual friends events along with everyone else" She told me she'll call me back but never did. So 2 hours later I called her and asked her was she annoyed? She sounded happy to hear from me but she said she was out with her mom and sister at a restaurant and would call me back. She never did. Then yesterday I texted her during work hours saying good afternoon and how was she doing? She said "fine" and I said "good" and I haven't heard from her since and that was about 12pm yesterday. So what's going on? Should I let her go or wait and see if she really wants me?


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  • i think she is just messing with you, you should let her go


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  • She doesn't like u

  • I would say that she is just keeping you interested


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