Do you like a girl that can cook?

I met with my long term ex girlfriend today. I have this 19yr old living with me because she has no place to go. She been staying with me since November. She only good for paying my bills, spending money on me, sexting. She's young and inexperienced and its boring. My ex surprised me with a home cooked meal and a massage and we say down and talked with candles lit. She is 21 and has two jobs and in school. It feel like I am with a child being with a girl that just turned 19. Will it be wrong to leave her for my ex? I dogged my ex for her ?


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  • Haha Well God forbid neither of them end up wanting you...(Sarcasm)

    Sounds like she does a lot for a 19 year old...

    I know you know this but she has a brain

    Which enables her to learn... Which means she most likely will learn how to cook one day.

    -its not like she has no vag. Can't grow one of can grow in cooking experience.

    In the mean time... I wonder if you can cook?

    And...if so?

    You could kindly show her how.

    P.s from what I have read you already left her for your ex.

    The wrong part would be your still with her.



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What Girls Said 3

  • Pick the one who can do the most for u

    I wouldn't trade getting my bills paid, spending money and sex just for a meal.

    You sound like the type of guy who takes advantage of dumb women with low self esteem so your best bet is the girl you have now.your ex has 2 jobs and is in school, she has a future and is independent and if she's cute she will probably eventually meet a better guy than u.the girl you're with now probably doesn't have as many options as she does.

    • I don't need no girl doing for me and depending on me ex has more to offer besides a meal

  • I think it a bonus if she can cook,but go with the first choice.

  • well it won't be wrong if you like her better.


What Guys Said 2

  • Title doesn't match the message. I'll answer the title:

    Yes. Love a girl who can cook. Being a bachelor who can't cook sucks because it's usually me getting fast food grub or eating frozen dinners. I got tired of that sh*t my first week in college.

  • You can always teach her how to cook, she is capable of learning!

    Of course I like girls that can cook.

    • If you haven't learned nothin in 8 month and you in the same predicament I can't help you any more

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