My boyfriend, his nasty ex and their kids

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly seven months now and I've still not met his two girls who are 9 &16. This is mainly due to his ex being really bitter and saying nasty things to them about me ( even tho she doesn't know me) she has had a couple relationships since and the girls have met her various men.his ex is not exactly the nicest of women and still tries to control my fella by sending him texts via the girls for various things ranging from clothes to lifts to takeaway orders! I find this extremely frustrating and tell him

He needs to man up and stand up against her. I think he's worried that if he doesn't do what they say then they will love him less. But I'm finding it hard to deal with as I find weak men off putting. They have been separated for nearly two years.

I'm not sure what to do. Stick with him as he's a lovely guy or cut mt losses and end it as I'm not sure where this is going. We don't live together, his ex and kids live in his old house( which he's still paying the mortgage on. He lives with his dad, what's going to happen if we want to live together? Please help :)


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  • I think he needs to man up a. It. When he was with her she probably was like that to him too. He probably spent too much time as moms assistant, not dad.

    It might be a little bit of a hit to his ego if you tell him that, but he probably needs to hear it. He doesn't owe the ex anything. I understand the housing thing though, he wants the best for his kids and they should grow up in that house.

    But he needs to man up a bit. Maybe the ex should start paying the mortgage or at least part of it ( does she even work?)

    You would encourage him to spend time with his daughters away from their mother. Make plans with them himself. Get to know them apart from their mom

    • I do tell him he needs to grow a pair in relation to her. She doesn't work. And he's a very good active dad who has the girls every other weekend and spends quality time with them. His ex is just nasty and bitter but it just makes me worry that I haven't met them yet and she is obviously badmouthing me to his girls. Even tho she doesn't know me at all

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  • i don't know what can I say must be sucks really


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  • well tell him he shoudl get therapy or form a big bond with his kids, that way they won't start thinking his dad is a bad dad


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