Is this the reason why people should never put their relationships on Facebook?

I ask because Facebook seems to know more about your relationship than you do. I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed and I am familiar with this guy I know. He date this younger girl and he moved her in the house in November because of a housing situation. She just graduated last year. She leave in October for training and she pays for everything. Since their relationship been on Facebook other people been chatting about it, but details has been proven to be true because he deals with other girls. He only take her bowling and out to eat, she pays sometimes. she even started drama with girls, but I known him To be the Type of guy to throw you Off like it is the truth. She normally gotten over 30 likes on their picture, now it's only one like or no likes. This guy has no picture of her anywhere except for standing by her. That picture was last year. She has tons of pictures of them two but he has zip, he even untagg himself from pictures with her. I am familiar with the both of these two. He told me he miss his ex girlfriend but he wanna wait till she leave to make things right, and this current girl pays bills, buy him clothes and everything. Just last year she was depressed about herself. But how come Facebook know so much about your relationship than you do? They know she getting used including his family and friends knows that but she has no place to go. Other than his house because basically he put her on in life basically doing her mother job. I know all of this because I see him do it but he tells his ex girlfriend the whole truth. I graduated with his ex girlfriend and he left her for this current girl. This current girl doesn't attend college because of clingyness to him. could this be the reason why it's not best to be on Facebook about your relationship?


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  • it was worse when it first came out , there was a lot of crazy drama related to relationship status changes when the site was first coming out and how public those changes were for friends to see in newsfeed but overtime they changed privacy settings to make it less visible . I guess the site contains a lot of information about peoples lives so there can be a lot there about someones relationship

    • Especially when people see your significant other in public with another person but its the vibe you get when you know that person is getting used. If I made the decision to put my relationship life on Facebook, I don't want just me representing. I want my boyfriend to be able also to show I'm not alone.

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