Does he treat me as everybody else or something more?

So yeah there's this outgoing cocky guy I crushed on for almost a year, I kinda moved on and he's back again. We went to a camp together and to my surprise he brought a girl with him. I thought she's his girlfriend but not really because he treated her like a maid, like asking her to f*** off and buy his friends drinks, she messages him and he never looks at her affectionately. But oh well my point isn't on this girl. It's about me and the guy I thought who liked me back.

So yeah we kinda stared at each other a few times every game we play but every time we look away quite fast( Because I couldn't afford looking at him too long without being awkward) , I asked him questions but he looked down to answer me. Eg

"Is there anyone playing in that room?"

"Yeah there's two groups of people there," then he looked at me after an awkward silence " you guys play ball too?"

"Not me, but xxxx does," he just kinda ooh and md of Convo.

And yeah I kinda sang in the karaoke room and when I saw him pasting by outside I stare a bit and I saw him putting his hand on the glass and stare at me, yeah that's weird. Another time I came to this room and he asked me to play the game together with his Frds, yeah but that's only a friendly move I think...most of the time he's just fooling wif his friends or sitting next to his female frd ( heard she's his primary school buddy I forgot)


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  • Why would you want to have any interest in a guy who tells someone who obviously cares about him to f*** off and order them around? That's how he would treat you in a relationship, he sounds like a total d***head.

    • He didn't really tell her to f*** off but he just didn't give the attention he should give as a boyfriend, if he is one...he's not a total douche bag, I can tell he's still good inside

  • Hiii! Even though he sounded like douche bag, I think he might be nice and probably has a softer side to him as well, but don't get your hopes up. If you meet him anytime soon start with a simple Hello and smile to him a lot. Then he will probably get the hint and start to chat with you :) Remember if he turns out be a totally d-bag just forget about him, you deserve the best. xx


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