Best way to get your ex boyfriend's attention?

What is the best way to get your ex boyfriends attention and to notice you after months of being treated like you don't exist? I went and bettered myself and I feel amazing now and look better too. All my friends are even telling me I look happier and calmer. But, I still can't get the ex's attention. I refuse to go spamming him or texting him. I really want HIM to initiate contact first. I don't know what to do :x


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  • Don't ever pick up your ex's attention. After all, it's like picking up the pieces of broken glasses. Too much drama, and pain.


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  • Find a hotter new boyfriend.

  • If your ex is anything like me, there is literally nothing you can do.

    My exes are my exes. I don't think about them, talk to them, care about them or want anything to do with them. Ever. They are non-people to me.

    • That's a bit harsh. If he is anything like you then he is one heartless dude.

    • Not heartless - just zero time for exes. And you've already said that you've had months where he treats you like you don't exist.

      You should prepare yourself for the possibility that he is exactly like me - nothing you can do will make him pay any attention to you.

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  • Try to make sure that he notices that you're having fun in life..


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