Should I meet this fast moving stranger?

I met this guy online a few days ago. He was very interesting and started to basically complementing me right away. He seems to kinda be head over heels I'm not going to lie I'm actually very into him even tho we haven't know one another but a day! Lol. Well he lives a few states away and drives for a living. Tomorrow he will be in my area and want to meet?!?!? He has expressed how much he strangely feel a connection to me and I haven't hid the fact I feel a butterfly or something. What should I do? What are the chances he's crazy since he keeps expressing how awesome of a gal I am? And he moves very quick but I'm kinda the type who goes with the flow


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  • NO NO NO ! Don't do it! Have you ever seen catfish? Lol and besides that what if he's dangerous you never know. I feel like if you do, don't tell him where you live meet in an open area or take a friend to tag along and act like they don't know you and just make sure everything is alright

  • If you really really want to, go for. If you both feel the same way about each other, it can't hurt to try. Do you know for a fact he's who he says he is? Try skyping or video calling with each other before you go and see each other. Also, like the other answerer said, don't meet at your house just in case things go badly. (You don't want a creep knowing where you live do you?) Also, don't meet him in a secluded place alone. Bring a friend or two to keep an eye on you, at least until you can safely say for yourself that you trust him. Good luck, hope things go well.


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