Is it normal to feel sick when I think about my boyfriends exes?

I've never been able to tolerate the fact that thze man I'm dating with were with other women before. Even if the ex is not as attractive as me I feel literally sick. When I find an item that belongs to an ex or she is mentioned in conversations, it feels like a punch in the stomach. Is that normal or do I have an unresolved problem with myself?


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  • Its not healthy. You have low self-esteem (Not to be confused by how pretty you are). The girls are exs for a reason. You have to trust your boyfriend to know that he will not be going back to any of them. They were not good enough. But You are. You are the one he's with now. He has a past, just like you do. You have to accept his past the way he accepts yours. Work on your self esteem, and before long, you'll notice that an ex name coming up won't bug you at all.


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