Ex wife's name tattooed? help

My friend had his ex wife's name tattooed on my arm. Now they are divorced. They had a bad marriage. He is mega rich and handsome so he slept around a lot and acted immature and she just partied at bars with her friends. Now they separated and divorced. Both stopped wearing their wedding rings.

But my cousin hasn't removed or covered up his ex's tattoo. He is on road most of the time due to his hectic work.

He is not in love with her because they don't have much contact except talking about their 5 year old daughter whose custody the ex wife has.

They no longer follow each other on twitter and instagram (his instagram has his wedding date for public show because he was always caught up in scandalous rumors, he unfollowed his wife but didn't change the username though he rarely uses that account). Also my cousin is flitting from one woman to other and his ex is crushing on others and enjoying her life

Why not removing it? When they have nothing to do with each other now?
The guy already has a tattoo of his daughter's name and her birthdate on his arm.


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  • 1) He loved her once and isn't ashamed of the tattoo; he likes it as-is (memento, keepsake, reminder of responsibility towards his daughter).

    2) He doesn't care about the tattoo in the least. He doesn't give a f*ck. He'll get an ever bigger one when he remarries.

    3) He just hasn't gotten around to it yet. He'll cover it up or remove it when it becomes necessary (finds the time, meets the right woman, gets pissed off at it one night, etc.).

    Most likely a combination of 2 & 3 - when a guy is over someone, his first reaction isn't scrubbing the evidence she ever existed out of his life, but rather, not caring about said reminders. Removing the tat is clearly not a priority for him at this point.

    • He has his daughters name and birthdate on his arm. Also he was openly gushing about how beautiful a woman he met was, how he went to strip clubs when he was younger and sharing pics of victoria secrets model on twitter and retweeting she's sexy.

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  • I really don't know. Why does it matter to you what they do with their tattoos?

  • Let him take his time but be sure one day he will cover it up


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  • Maybe he just doesn't care. If it's insignificant to him, maybe it just doesn't bother him to still have the tattoo.

  • Maybe he had hopes of getting back together with her. That's the only thing I can think of because if he was really over her and wanted no parts of her he would make time to get it removed. IMO...

    • Nope. It's much more likely a reminder not to make the same mistake twice.

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