Is my ex just using me?

I dated this guy for about a year, and we've been broken up for a year. He is the one who wanted to break up, because he said that he had too much going on with his job. So, he randomly started texting me and he invited me over to his place to hang out. We watched a movie, and then made out for a few hours. I spent the night there, too. The thing is, that I'm still a virgin and I told him several times that nothing else was going to happen beyond us kissing. We got to talking and I told him that it probably wasn't a good idea that I came over that day, He said "I'm glad you came over. I always have fun hanging out with you and you're a good looking lady. I just don't want a relationship." Do you think he using me, even though we didn't have sex?


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  • Yea he's definitely using you as a booty call except the booty part isn't happening. He still probably thinks it is though


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