Am I right to be concerned about not meeting my boyfriend's parents or friends?

Before I got with my boyfriend, I was married and told by my ex two weeks before I had our son he wanted a divorce. We were divorced before our son was a month old. It was a 6.5 year relationship and very manipulative and emotional cheating.

I got with my current boyfriend when my son was 2 months old. We went out before I even met my ex husband years ago and instantly started our friendship again. After hanging out for a month we mutually decided to start dating, and were official boyfriend/girlfriend after a few months.

He makes me happy and is amazing to my son. But I've not met his family or close friends (I've met work acquaintances and old high school friends). We're both 28 going on 29, and my son is almost two now. He met my family after we were official 7 months and has come to Christmas celebrations, birthday parties, and an out of town wedding. My friends love him and my family loves him but they said he's perfect except for not meeting his family yet.

I'm told they know about me but you never know. He's over at my house 4-5 days out of the week until midnight or later, he doesn't sleep over often. I've explained to him repeatedly my fears (cheating, being ashamed of my son and I, and I really want to be apart of his whole life). He's great with listening and giving me reasons (he said the last two girls he brought home ended badly soon after and he's not close to them at all only sees them holidays and maybe birthdays) but nothing's resolved and I feel like he's not ready.

It's getting to where I need this to prove that I am his only one and a part of his life. He's talked about the future a lot but I need this to happen. He knows how my last relationship was and how badly a scarred I am from it, you would think he'd do this for me. He has this thing about 30's is the age to move in and settle down together, but were almost 30.

Should I be worried he embarrassed of my son and I, or I'm a secret, or there's another girl?


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  • Never should you be embarrassed by your son, and no there's probably not another girl in his life. You've voiced your concerns to him and he sounds understanding. Let him have a little more time on this, he will introduce you when he's ready. You're not getting married like this month right? It will happen when it's supposed to hun, don't stress on it so much :)


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  • I think he's just not ready to be married and once he introduces you it's all real to him and he has to make moves... Why not push for a few day trip with you and him and your son? perhaps to disney or something? That will nudge things a bit

  • I mean you guys are not engaged or married and if he did not want you he would have left you by now, and if he was cheating there are too many obvious signs of a partner cheating that you would spot. I know you want to meet his parents but maybe they are not married and live in separate states or houses, I do not know. I am not sure exactly what the question is but there are sure red flags if your boyfriend did not want you anymore


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