Is he coward? What is in his mind and what should I do?

I was in a relationship and it was smooth going, ya we had break ups regarding future as we belong to different community, but we did usually patch just other day as we can't stay without each other, don't know suddenly he treated me bad, I tried hard to make things okey but he pushes me away every time, at last I gave him break up as he wanted, I thought we'll patch up the other as I expected but it wasn't that way this time and we are separated..

Later he told me that he did everything intentionally hurting so that I'll break up with him, after that also I tried so much to get back but he wasn't ready...I still need him so badly, I don't understand why he did this, is what he said future or something else? I like and love him so much, Is he coward, can't face the future? What should I do?


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  • I say move-on. After what he deliberately did to you how could you ever consider taking him back? Do you really want to spend your time w/a manipulator? Without me even knowing you I say you deserve better.


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  • I think he has a vindictive mind. What he did was not right, but it will work out to your advantage. I know you said you love him, but it may be for the best that you find a better man who is not so vindictive.


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