Will they cheat again?

My boyfriend cheated and he told me straight up he cheated. He told me he didn't mean to cheat that he got tempted. He told me he kissed his ex best girl friend and realized that she was manipulating him. He asked me for another chance and I said yes because I know people make mistakes and that theyre not perfect, but can he cheat again? I feel bad because he is trying really hard to gain my trust back and he is gaining it back but I'm scared of him cheating.

fool me once, shame on you

fool me twice shame on me ... does that apply?


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  • There is no easy answer for this. Yes, some people can cheat once and never again. Also yes, people who cheat once, tend to repeat the behavior. So that leaves us back where we started.

    You said that he confessed to you about the cheating. If you had no idea that he had cheated and no way of finding out, then I would say that giving him a second chance was not a bad decision. His motivation was that he realized that he screwed up, thought that you deserved to know the truth, even at the risk of making himself look bad in the process, and seems to be making amends for his mistake.

    If he told you because there was a big danger of you finding out, then I would question his motives. That might indicate that he was trying to save his butt from the eventual boot that you would give him when you found out. Again, this part is not simple, as he could feel the same way above even if there was a danger of you finding out.

    He also just might simply be a cheater. I would advise you to be cautious, maybe remind him occasionally that he did break your trust (without being overly persistent or badgering), and just ask yourself if what he says and does always add up.

    If his behavior makes you doubt him too much, I'd say that he wasn't sincere and it's time to break things off with him.

    Without being able to read his mind, that's the best that I can offer for advice.


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  • Didn't mean to cheat? I'm sorry but as someone whose done it before... it's intentional. Temptation isn't a reason, it's an excuse. We know fully well what we are about to do before we do it. We simply don't care enough to say no. The truth is he wanted to do it.

    Will he do it again? I don't know... what I do know is you'll never fully trust him again. You may forgive him for his indiscretions but the seed of doubt has been planted.

  • A cheater will always be a cheater.


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  • Yeah I wouldn't trust him :(

    • Even if he is trying to make up for what he did and promises that it was a moment of weakness?

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