What should I do to get him back?

My boyfriend and I , Of 2yrs and 7months Just broke up last week. we still talk and all. The reason was because he really needs to get him self together and I totally understand it, He wants me to be happy with him because some of the things he has put him self into I don't like what's so ever. But I really want him back and wanna just work it out together. I can't talk to him because he has people in his ear that are basically telling him that we souldnt even be friends til he fix him self. (We are Christian and people always want to be in our business).

So how d I get him back with out asking him ?

Please Him Me


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  • You can't make someone want you back. And even if you could, they would leave you again because it wasn't their decision in the first place. ''Please Him Me.''? Please help me? just curious.


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