Is it weird that I'm worried that I'm the longest girlfriend my boyfriend has had a relationship with?

I'm a sophmore, and my boyfriend is a junior. He's dated over 40 girls (so he said), but none of which relationship lasted more than a week. I've dated 4 guys, all of which lasted between 3 months and 6 months. My boyfriend and I are only about 2 weeks into this relationship, but it feels like we've known each other our entire lives. You may ask why I shouldn't be proud that I've beat those 40 other girls out by a week, (with hopefully many more weeks/months to come). I noticed on Facebook that one of his friends asked him "which girl friend is it this week", which made me concerned since that means he has a reputation for going through girls frequently. When he replied, he mentioned my name and that I'm different, and that we're "actually getting pretty serious". Am I being paranoid for worrying that he's going to leave me based on his past experience with all of his ex's? Is it a weird fear that I think that he's going to dump me because he's not used to dating the same girl for more than a week or so? Any thoughts are welcomed. Thanksss


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  • If a guy has had 40 relationships, and none have lasted more than a week, obviously girls find something wrong with him. He probably tried to use them all for blowjobs or something along those lines. I don't think you should be paranoid that he might toss you aside, but you should be paranoid that you might be setting yourself up with someone bad.

    But what do I know? It's not like I have seen this happen a dozen or so times through my high school life.


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  • Ah, high school. The days when the boys were full of crap and the girls were naive as hell. Listen, why don't you do yourself a favor and don't date any guys until you're mature enough to understand relationships.

    • I understand relationships plenty... it's not like adults have any better luck maintaining one nowadays.

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    • Let me retype this (no sleep for almost 24 hours): True but most adults are more likely to have successful relationships because of maturity and past relationship experiences. Someone who has dated for 10 years will have better luck than someone who has fooled around for the past couple of years in high school.

    • the QA is getting experience right will serve her well later in her dating life.

  • If that number is true, then it's a red flag for sure. I would worry most about him being unable to turn down other female attention (not cheating per say, but breaking up with one girl to pursue another).

  • He's full of sh*t and you're very gullible.

    • Why do you say that?

    • 1. He's just a kid

      2. He's been in 40 relationships

      3. Those relationships all lasted 1wk

      4. He says your relationship is serious after 2wks

      5. You think you know him

      6. You believe him

      7. You believe him

      8. You believe him

      9. You believe him

      10. You believe him

  • I agree with the rest of the responses, he's telling you what you want to hear. No guy who's dated 40 girls before 18 would say a relationship is serious after 2 weeks. These guys are not looking for anything serious, just "fun..."

  • Of course he is going to leave you. Eventually. He's not your husband.

    This is not something you should be afraid of.

    It is something you should have *known* going in. All your relationships at your age, have an end date. Most of them will have a very short shelf life.

    Get used to the idea.



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  • The fact that you are asking this question means that you know that this Guy isn't right for you and that you should leave this relationship alone yet you continue because you probably think you can change him. Earn some self respect and focus on your priorities. you have the rest of your life to date


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