Is he hiding stuff from me

Been going out for nearly 2 years. the first year I suggested not having each other on Facebook because there was too much jealousy etc but I always really trusted him so I was never jealous. recently we had taken a break because of so much fighting etc. we got back together after a few weeks break he said he hadn't done anything. I asked if he had been talking to girls he said he had added a few girls on Facebook but then deleted them. I believed him simply because I was so excited to be back together Because it hurt being without him and I have never doubted him in the past. however, I found out he added this girl he didn't tell me about recently. she is a girl he is friends with so it is sort of OK but the fact is he lied about it. it makes me question what else he is lying about did he really delete those girls. and he won't show me his Facebook I keep asking and he says stuff like you don't need to know. nad I'm like yes I want to and he is like what for. and the more crazy I go about it the more he calls me a drainer etc. he didn't show me his fcbk for a couple months before the break either using an excuse then I was "too jealous" and "overeact at everything. but this is the person who when we were first together got jealous of a guy simply liking my status. is he hiding stuff from me? should I trust him?


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  • Yes, he's hiding stuff from you... and that's the way it should be. You don't have the right to go prying into his social media accounts. If you want to see what's public on his Facebook, then you may insist on him adding you as a friend, and if he refuses, then you have a valid cause for concern. Otherwise, I would give him the benefit of the doubt - especially because you were on a "break." A break means a break means a break, so you can't blame him for being with other girls during that time. You're only setting yourself up for pain when you ask about other women from the times that you weren't a couple - it's one of those questions to which you don't *really* want the answer.

    I know you say you want the answer, and you might think you want the answer, but really, all you want is the "right" answer. If you're asking the question, it means that you expect that he may have been with other women. If he has, you're setting him up to either a) lie to you, or b) hurt you with words. So, of course he's going to want to protect you from that.

    Might I suggest toning down the jealousy on both sides? It seems you guys have deeper, unresolved issues that are fueling your fights. Figure out why you suspect him of being unfaithful to you, what the source(s) of your mistrust is, before you insist on asking him to trust you with personal information.


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