50/50 and not sure how to interpret.

Ok, the father of my children has been awfully friendly to me lately. I could be looking too much into it as I've recently asked him to see if we couldn't TRY not get back together, just TRY, to work things out. He bluntly said "no". and "no fresh start". But we go to a birthday party together this past Saturday, and he introduces me to his coworker (a guy) not as anything, just said my name to him. Then Sunday at church (we go to church together) he was all touch feely with me, not holding hands, but just legs touching legs. Um, I may be new at all this, but Ex's aren't supposed to be all buddy buddy like this. I've asked around and I've gotten 2 different opinions on it, I was posting this to see how complete strangers would take it.

1) he is confused and not sure but could still be harboring feelings for me, and is still fighting with himself to be with me even though he said "no".

2) He is doing what he is doing out of obligation that I am the mother of his children. Which with the touchy feely thing doesn't make sense to me.

so please your opinions. no need to be rude about it though. should I just let it go and see what happens with him? Possibility of him changing his mind? Or just not look too much into it?


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  • I would agree with number one. No fresh start? ... Well Ok, how about making peace with the problems that were behind you're break up and find a way to move on and build a more solid relationship from there...?

    • The thing is that I have an issue with low patients. :-/ I'm doing my best. I was advised to just ask how his day goes when we do talk on the phone. Which I did last night. We talked for 20 minutes. Not even about the kids. About his work and what he was doing this weekend. :)

    • Sounds like progress already :) :)

    • Thank you. :-) I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that it is. and I'm just not looking too much into it.

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