If you have ever been cheated on how did you deal with it?

I see a lot of questions on here about boyfriend/girlfriend cheating I think it is disgusting and selfish. Can you please share your experience/

This is mines:

1st guy: I didn’t know, took him back until he dumped me then I just got over it

2nd guy: I dumped him when I found out I was probably his 5th f***ing gf

3rd guy: this one was a killer it hurt like hell, he cheated on me while were together I suspected it but sorta ignored it because I was lame & I loved him so much I did not want to bring it up

Then dumps me for his friends friend, I slept with him 8 days post break then he just did not want my p**** any more. I did all sorts of things to get him bk he bailed you wanna know why because he was cheating on his wife with me (I did not know of her). I finally left him alone. I am over it now ( its been 3 months), I learned so much about who I am and what I want. I really have changed

If you took back a cheater did it work out?

What did you learn from your relationship with a cheater please share


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  • Yeah. My current boyfriend kissed another girl 3 months into our relationship. It was in high school, neither one of us could drive yet to see the other and it was one of his girl friends who had a license and drove to his house that day.

    When I found out I broke up with him. We stayed apart for a while and then started talking again, he seemed genuinely remorseful and wanted me back so I decided to give him another chance. He doesn't associate with that girl anymore (deleted her from fb, his phone, etc.) and he hasn't cheated since. And we've been together for 4 years total.

    If someone cheated on me by having sex, I would break up with them and never take them back. But I think kissing is not as big of a deal (though it is still disrespectful and I told him that when we broke up). But I think it's more of a mistake than fully having sex with someone else while in a relationship. I believe in second chances and I'd rather be forgiving than hold grudges. And it ended up working out because we're together now and he's faithful so I don't regret taking him back.

    I think it just depends on the situations and circumstances. I learned a lot about myself, I actually think it made me a stronger individual even though I took him back, we were not together for like 4 or 5 months after I dumped him. But I know if I mistakingly kissed someone else and was genuinely sorry and would never do it again, I would hope he would give me a second chance as well. We're both in college now and haven't had any more problems.

    Contrary to popular belief, just because I took him back, I still think I have a lot of self-respect. I don't think all women who stay with cheaters don't respect themselves. I think it just depends on the guy and what they did, like I mentioned before. So, I'm glad I was able to forgive him and that he's very faithful since I took him back. But if he did something else I would leave him and never look back. I only believe in ONE second chance.


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  • i was with my girlfriend for 4 months when I was drunk texting and flirting with two girls besides my girlfriend. I was mad because my girlfriend had canceled on me multiple times and I had no idea why. so into late summer I noticed her acting suspicious. I called her out on it and she admitted she had been seeing her coworker because he was her shoulder to lean on. I told her to end it on two occasions and she said OK. I knew she would take forever to do it because she was gonna feel bad for him. so two weeks before Christmas I show up at her house unannounced. sure enough he was dropping her off. we argued in the street and she broke up with me. the other guy told me that she told him we were broken up with for months. two days later she blows up my phone saying she made a mistake and wants me back. we "agreed" to get back together after some talking but I feel like she's still hiding things because she's a horrible liar. she's 19 and I'm 26. I think our age difference has a lot to do with it. I wanna be with her but my gut tells me that its over. I seem to be putting more effort into it than she is.

    • sorry to hear I wish you the best of luck and happiness

  • i f***ed her best mate in a field.

    seemed like justice when she had f***ed nine people in the space of a month, not just guys either.

    no I diddnt stay with her, I dumped her as soon as I found out over text


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  • One case, I found out after we'd broken up, so there was nothing to do.

    Another case, I had mistakenly assumed exclusivity because I was exclusive and because we'd started sleeping together. When I found out he had been with someone else, I called and left a message letting him know I knew and that I wanted to talk, I never heard back from him. He vanished.

  • When I got cheated on in high school, I "forgave" him and took him back and then destroyed him, I dated him for a month or so and through out that whole month I lied and I avoided him (he was obsessed over me) I would hang out with this other guy who was hotter and way more fun and I would stood up my boyfriend who cheated for the other guy and then I left him heartbroken and went out with the hotter guy... it was revenge and now that I look back I was stupid, and I shouldve never have gotten my revenge. I do regret it, but I was angry and hurt and I'd never do that again.


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