Do you think he will come back or am I kidding myself?

For the past 2 years i’ve been on an off with this guy. Most of the time were just f*** buddies but we dated twice. Just don’t really have time at the moment , at least he doesn’t he interns all day at a garage and then works from around 8 pm to one am at a restruant. And I model so my schedule is random as hell, and then i’m about to start collage and waitressing. But for the past 2 months we have been together a lot , even if it’s like late we still spent all our free time together. Till a week ago when I broke it off. He has come back to me many times, i’m usually the one to end it tho. First time he went little over 6 months no talking and then it got shorter to like 3 months on 3 months off. I don't know we have a rocky pattern. And 2 times he’s come back to me when he knew I wanted to be in a serious relationship. A few weeks ago he told me he doens’t really have time to be in a relationship right now but he could get serious with me. Like he said the complete opposite things in the same sentence. WTF does that mean? Then when we broke it off this last time he was like I don’t know what I want, saying he’s f***ed up, that I couldn’t handle the things he thinks. Were not each other’s ideal type but I mean how many times do we end up with our ideal type ? When we broke up this last time I thought I was moving 40 min away and I think that had a big part in the ending of things. Cause he said i’d probally meet someone out their , but we live 20 min from each other already cause we live clear across town from one another. AN the last time we talked about the sex and both agreed we had better and it was alright. But then again you can change that problem ya know.AN I did tell him to delete my number but I don’t think he did cause I told him on the 4th when I got mad at him to delete it and he didn’t. I don't know do you think he might come back? or am I kidding myself? would I look dumb if I texted him?


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  • If he doesn't I'll gladly fill in!

    • lol but can you anwser my question?

    • I didn't even read it to be honest, I just wanted to tell you that you were hot and make you laugh a little.

    • lol oh OK thanks I think.

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