How would you feel if you found out your ex was talking to your mom?

My ex and I broke up 3 weeks ago. It was a somewhat mutual break up (initiated by him) and it was very civil. He has been contacting me ever since until this week... this week has been the first time I really haven't heard from him and I think I know why.

Ever since the break up, his mom offered support and an ear to listen whenever I needed it. I took her up on that offer and we have been messaging back and forth on Facebook regularly. It's mostly just me talking about how I'm feeling and my doubts with things, I never flat out asked her any questions, she always offered up information about my ex freely... which has been really helping with closure and answer the unanswered questions. We both haven't told him that we are talking. We aren't doing anything wrong by any means.

Well yesterday, I noticed he had a bad day (based on his Facebook status) so I sent him a text that said, "Thinking of you... I have a feeling that things at work are getting worse. Sending hugs your way." And he replies, "Oh you have a feeling? Or did my mom tell you?" I told him that his status was how I knew, and I left it like that.

Now I am fearful that he knows more than I think. He has been using his mom's laptop this week and I wonder if he has seen any of our conversations, or if he is just suspicious because she comments on my statuses a lot. I am scared that I just lost all chances of getting back together... things were going so good between us!

I am curious... How would you feel if you found out that your ex was talking to your mom?

How do I best handle this situation to avoid drama and still have a chance to get back with my ex?


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  • Thats all pretty weird lol. Unfortunately I wouldn't know how to answer your question because as a guy I would never talk to my mom about something like that lol

    • I'm not sure you read the question right... how would you feel if your EX was talking to your mom after the break up?

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