Should I Call Him? Will he want to be left alone?

So, there's this guy I used to work with. First time I saw him he was coming in for an interview. He was tall and that caught my attention but then I really noticed his face. He looked a little young but he was really cute. I just assumed he was my age but just had a baby face. I looked at him wondering if he'd catch me staring, and honestly, the thought of that scared me because I was and still am really shy. Like probably 2 weeks later he starts working at my job. Immediately I notice how he could steal the breath out of me if I just looked at him. I tried to convince myself I shouldn't feel that way. My first job, I always heard coworkers shouldn't date. Too many complications. However, every weekend we'd have to work together. Us two alone for six hours. I'd avoid eye contact with him at first. I was such a loser cause being real shy I was still trying to learn to overcome the fear of looking in peoples' eyes. Even worse that I thought he was so cute. A week would go by almost every time before I'd see him again. Every new day we'd work together, I'd be amazed at how intense my butterflies would get when I saw his face. I couldn't believe how cute he was. We really seemed to connect within almost 2 months. I listened to his silly, corny jokes and I loved his weird little half breath laugh. I tried not to let it show but I looked forward to each week we'd see each other. One day, we worked together and in the middle of me speaking he just blurted softly "[My name] I like you". I paused for a second but avoided looking him in the face. I wondered if he was joking, just trying to get a reaction out of me. I thought if I showed him my face, I'd show him I truly felt that way. My heart dropped, alllll the way down. I went on talking about what I was talking about before he said he liked me as if he didn't say it. I kinda felt like an ass but I couldn't bring myself to acknowledge it. It hurt cause I knew what I really wanted to say. Maybe two three weeks would go by, we still got along. Another weekend day he did the same thing. It hurt again because AGAIN I did the same thing and realized "Hey, he could really feel that way!" I'm just so afraid of being vulnerable. I ignored it and I kinda noticed it seemed to bother him a little. It's months from those moments. He's been gone from the job at another one. I noticed after the first two weekends how much I missed hearing some of the stupid things he would say that kinda irked me. I missed his laugh. I missed looking at him, mostly from the side of my eyes lol. I wondered if he'd come back and HE DID and he came to speak with my coworkers. Me being my stupid usual self kinda acted distant. I smiled, said hi but avoided really speaking to him. Everyone else asked him questions. He looked real good. He was dressed in a suit and I couldn't help but think how much I wish I would've admitted I felt the same way. I remember him looking kinda annoyed. I don't know if it was because I wasn't really talking to
him or what. He left and honestly, a little while after I let my feelings for him go. I accepted that maybe he'd forget about me and not care. Now it's months after and I've thought about him countlessly. I've wondered how it'd feel to be held in his arms, for him to look in my eyes while he smiled AND held me. DOUBLE bonus. I lied to him. Just by not responding.
I imagine he probably has a girlfriend after all this time and him being so cute. There's no way he couldn't but I can't help wondering if I should call his number posted in our job's office. I don't know why it's still there. Now I HAVE to act on it. I miss him. Can any of you who actually read this sh*t all the way to the bottom tell me how stupid I sound? Do I sound ridiculous? I can't stop thinking of him. I try to forget my feelings but... it's hard.


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  • Yes call him!

    • If you do not call you risk losing him. And he is no doubt hurt by your unintentional behavior, not scolding you I have done worse things because of shyness and social anxiety with women who showed interest. If you never make a move, you end up alone.

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  • ...While I'm at home waiting for my not girlfriend to call me. Heck yes call him!

  • You will never know unless you call... Tell him you just wanted to say hi, phone number was still on the wall and converse to see what the story is... You had sign after sign and probably should have taken advantage of the opportunities... But I understand your shyness and sometimes go through the same... I've learned to take advantage of second chances and promise myself to let them slip... Go for it, if the outcome isn't what you hoped for use it as motivation or lessoned learned for the next time a situation like this arises...


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