Do you feel like your body gives subconscious reactions to your partner/any relationship with another person?

Do you ever get the feeling that your subconscious can almost... know and make warnings about the relationships that you are in? Ex: my last relationship I thought he was the one etc we were soul mates but sometimes I would get a funky feeling from my gut (when we werenot together physically) that would make me sick or on the edge of a panicky state. Now it did not happen a lot, but we had a few breaks that I called and one time-though I was not sober- I started to get a confined feeling and the more he tried to comfort me, the more I wanted to get away and be by myself because I would get even more sick or panicked. do any of you think that there is a subconscious reaction from your body or mind that it knows what you consciously do not know or realize in relationships?

I remember one time I got a random thought that that person wasn't the one but I think I tried to fight that thought.


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  • well you're entire body is involved in the relationship. we feel before we think. so it makes sense ud physically feel doubt before realizing it.

    i think you sensed negative things but ignored it away because you wanted to want to be with him.

    feelings +wisdom-= intuition. you should pay attention to what your body tells you.

    we are constantly getting messages from our feelings. its not sub conscious. you felt it. your body alerted you. you processed it enough to talk about it. its conscious. you ignored it.

    ex. when you enter a room with someone who is going to try to rob you or rape you. its important to listen to the feelings telling you its not a good situation. you might doubt your feelings but you're aware of them.

    • Do you think its a woman's intuition or do you think that everyone has it because I think that guys have it also, or are at the least, capable of it. I was only able to process it now-its been a while- and itonly happened every now and then, not close enough to realize what was truly going until the end.

    • i think everyones got it. however the less you bullsh*t, the more connected , the clearer your senses are, the stronger your intuition ;-)

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  • i don't beleeve in this because there are multipe causes behind what you describe

  • '' I get a funky feeling from my guy when were not together physically.'' How does that make you believe someone isn't ''The one.''

    • It was more like the fact that he was not with me at the moment so I had time to myself and when I would think about our relationship, I would get a sick feeling like something was not right. When we were together we were fine. And I'm not asking about that feeling being the one. I'm asking if your body has its ways of letting you know if the people you are with(friends lover etc) are great or are there certain instincts that your body will act upon to give off warnings etc?

      Like a gut instinct

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    • You were rude as hell to me first off, that's why I called you a bitch because that's what you were(Still are being.) IGNORED.

    • Lol internet trolls raging at the computer/online people.

      Well I'm sorry if I came off rude, truly, but I think you have other problems that you should probably sort out... being bitter about a stranger sounds pretty dumb to me. Brush it off, best friend

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  • Yeah it's happened to me too. When I was with the boy who was my first love, I knew for a fact that I loved the guy and I didn't want to ever be without him. But when I was with him, I got a strange feeling like he wasn't "the one," and he wasn't the guy I would end up marrying. I wanted to ignore the feeling because I loved him so much and I wanted to believe I would marry him. But sure enough, we broke up.

    • Yea, have you ever had that feeling with friends also? Or any type of relationship with others?

  • yes! this guy I dated made me feel nervous and on edge. thinking about him made me literally nauseous and sick to my stomach when I wasn't with him. it's cause I couldn't trust him at all and my body was telling me stay away. good thing I didn't get into real trouble with that one. no one has ever gavem e that reaction before besides him and he was a bad guy.

    also, when I like a guy or feel attracted I think my body gives it away. don't know if the guy can always tell but I can definitely tell I am twisting my hair, touching my body more, more on edge and alert, etc


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