First date and mixed signals... What's up? How should I react?

So, I met this guy online and we talked for about a month via email and about 10 days ago we went on our first date. We have a ton of things in common and a good foundation to build upon. Anyways, I think our date went really well, we had dinner (he paid) and we talked for 3 hours. Of course we were both nervous but we had a lot of laughs. He then dropped a few hints about hanging out again. He was going to bring me a book but forgot too so he said next we meet up he'll bring it, then later on I mentioned how I used to hang out with a friend at a coffee shop and write together but now that I moved I don't have that any more and he jumped on that and asked me if I would like to do that with him. Of course I said yes... So I took those as really good signs. I did find out that he was leaving for vacation the next day for 15 days. I gave him a text the following day saying thank you and I hope he has a great time on vacation. He wrote me back saying it was great getting together and ended with ttyl. So, I know the first part of his vacation will be out of the country, and the other half back in the states, but he's been gone for 7 days and seriously I have heard nothing from him. Not a text, an email, not even something on Facebook...nothing. I'm not sure what to think... was he just being nice and didn't want to hurt my feelings? I haven't tried to contact him at all because I don't want to bug him during his vacation. When he gets back should I wait for him to make the move or should I throw some bait again? I'm so confused...I have no idea if he's even interested... :(


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  • If someone gives a reason for being out of contact, assume that is why they are out of contact. It makes no sense that he was just being nice. No one would offer to meet up to write together just to be nice. Assume he was interested and for various reasons has been unable to be in touch. I know that it's hard not to doubt but it's just too soon. Hopefully you already heard from him. If some days after the end of the vacation you still have not heard from him, I think it's fine to contact him and ask how his vacation was.


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