What is this guys intentions?

This guy friend and I when we see each other or hang out together sometimes (we are always in a group hardly ever alone) I notice in the last few months he seems to always touch my hand when we hand each other something it's like he doesn't bother to watch where my hand is so he doesn't touch it or anything. Doesn't matter if I hand it to him or he to me it always happens. We have also brushed against each other too on a few occasions and he showed me a pic once on his phone and our hands touched and he kept his hand touching mine when I held his phone to look. And when we were all drinking once he played footsie with me. I made a comment about footsie then I felt his foot on mine I don't know if he was joking around with that because everyone at the table saw it. So is this guy that I know pretty well and have known a couple years now starting to be attracted to me ? Are these signs he is showing me by being touchy? I am also attracted to him so I don't back away from the touches. Would I somehow given off subconscious signs or signals to him for him to start touching me like that and being comfortable with me? Do you men do that with women do you only start touching when given a green light of sorts and continue if she doesn't back away? Or is he just being a comfortable friend with me? As far as I know I haven't seen him do it to any other women in our group of friends?


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  • He's obviously flirting with you. He's let it get to the point where he feels comfortable touching you. I'm sure he notices, as well as your friends, that you are flirting back. Just tell him straight up. "If you ever want to hangout with me give me a call"... if he is confused about whether you like him that should clear it up pretty quickly.

  • He likes you. Think of the gentle "accidental" touching like sticking your toes into the pool before jumping in. He values your friendship, and wants to make sure that you're comfortable before blatantly making his intentions known. If you want to know, but don't want to push him too hard, or if you're nervous about "ruining the friendship," you can either invite him to go with you to see a movie or try out a new restaurant that someone told you about that you're just dying to try, or wait until the next group outing. I suggest a private "unofficial" date, rest your foot against his, or lay your hand partially on top of his. If he doesn't pull away, either hook his foot, or cup his hand. Then let magic happen.

    He's just nervous, because while he really wants to be more than a friend, he'd rather have you as a friend than not around at all.

    Good luck!


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