I'm moving and going to a new school. Any advice?

So I've lived in the same house and town my whole life, for 16yrs. I absolutely love living there. All of my friends are there and there's always something to do in a short distance.

But, I'm miving now and I know it's suppose to fee a good town and a mall, but still I have to make new friends. And a new school.

I'm going to stop here, but there's so much more that I have to say.

Please Help, and Thanks


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  • "I'm moving and going to a new school. Any advice?"

    Yeah. If a guy comes up to you and tells you to come with him for free drinks, don't believe him. Its a trap. The only liquid you'll see will be in a bottle labelled Chloroform


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  • I moved around a lot as a kid. In 10 years, I went to 9 different schools. So I have lots of practice haha. Just be friendly, be open to trying new things (like clubs), and you'll be fine. Students are drawn to new kids, so you'll have no problem making friends. :)


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  • Get out and try to make new friends


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