Do girls ever break up with a guy as a test

My girlfriend/ex broke up with me after I got her pregnant we planned the baby. The relationship was going good and bad. She acted as it didn't even hurt her. We dated for a while. She says were not compatible and that all we do is fight. People say that its just a test and in order to pass it is to not to talk to any other girls and not to rebound in anyway. She heard me crying over the phone and said that it hurts her to even hear me crying over the phone. I need people's opinions so I can put a smile on my face and say its just a test.


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  • Here're my thoughts:

    I haven't heard of a girl over the age of 18 breaking up as a test.

    It's a stupid test if it is one.

    She's pretty stupid to leave you and choose to be alone with a child on the way.

    The excuse, "we're not compatible and only fight" is not one used as a test typically.

    So...only time will tell, I guess. The only thing that makes me think it *is* a test is that she's expecting your baby.


    • so you think it is a test?

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    • It's so hard to move on though. like she's having my baby and I fell for her so hard. Like I know I made some f*** ups.

    • Give her space. She may come around.

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  • Well she's pregnant so maybe she isn't completely clear in the head. I don't think a sane, clear headed girl would but maybe a hormonal pregnant one would.

    My question, why would you plan on having a baby is these circumstances? No judgement or anyone and good luck, I just don't understand why anyone would plan a baby with so done they aren't planning on being with

  • Great question I'm curious as well.


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