Military love advice: please help lol

So I met this kid a few months back and we became friends nothing serious just joked around a lot and made fun of each other whatever. I knew he was leaving for marines bootcamp but I figured it wa no big deal I'd forget about him anyway. But we started kind of close this summer and a week before he left he told me he had a crush on me and I sorta brushed it off because I knew he was leaving. Then the night be fore he left he kissed me and we spent the whole night together (nothing happened we just kissed) but we acted like a couple and it was weird, it was nice thought and I know he had some type of feelings for me and vice versa and now that he's away I've been writin him letters, I write about things on a day to day basis like what's been happening or I show him support and tell him to stay strong ya da yada but now I'm a little bit hesitant on sending them because I don't want to be annoying and clingy. He's been gone for almost thirty days he comes back in 2 and a half months. If ou were in my position what would you do? And if you were in his position what would you want/like ?


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  • aww that is so sweet. if I was that guy I would feel soooooooooooo lucky.


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  • I am in the same kinda predicament, except the guy I recently met is going to be deployed within the next few months for almost a year. Soldiers feel amazing when they receive ANYTHING from a chick that they obviously like. It gets boring and lonely on base and out in the field. Do not get discouraged if he does not send much back because, remember, he is busy out there. I say send what you want to send, and even try getting him on the phone or computer. He will appreciate the thought and sentiment. As a new military girlfriend I just want to say good lucky with everything between you and him. (we are lucky lucky women if all works out right :-D )

    • Yea I don't really expect much back, but I just don't wana be a bother to him you know ?

    • As long as you are not harassing him with questions and such I would say 1-3 letters a week would be fine just so he knows you are thinking of him

    • Yea I was think one every week just to some up anything that happened and keep encouraging him, this helped a lot thank you so much and good luck with your solider <3

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