I don't know if I should wait, or go.

I have known this guy for about 3 years now. We have never really dated, hooked up but it's never been anything. I moved away for a year and in that time we both dated other people. When I moved back home we reconnected. Both of us had ended our relationships and now back to talking/hanging out again. I am someone who believes in fate, and I believe that there is a reason why after all this time we are in each others lives. We have fun together, and the sex is amazing. The only problem is; I think he is afraid of commitment. I know he has been burned pretty bad by girlfriends in the past so maybe that's why. But anyways he works on rigs and so he is going out of town for a month or so he said he wants to keep talking to me and we'll hang out when he gets back. I would wait for him no problem IF I was waiting for something. I would like to know that if I wait, maybe we'll finally date. If not maybe it's time to end whatever relationship we have.

How do I go about finding out what our future holds without scaring him? But I have a feeling the answer will be "I am not sure right now or it's not fair to commit to someone I have no time for"


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  • You've got him.

    Make the most of it,and make him feel welcome when he gets back.Tell him you missed him.

    I think this one will work out OK,and you both deserve it.


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