I moved to new country and I feel lonely, what to do?

I decided to move to italy, l found a job here and I am here 3 months now. l met few friends but I feel very lonely and different than people here.

People generally are not so helpfull like in my country, once I needed to use someones phone bcs something happened with my doors and I couldn't open it and I asked 5 neighbours and everyone told they can't help and closed the door before my face.

I feel like I can't count on anyone.

Now in my city are a lot of people on holidays and I feel so lonely walking alone in crowd where everyone has someone.

l also hate hot weather which is here all the time.

l miss a lot my country and friends, parents. l know I can come back anytime, but I don't want to give up so easily. what should I do ? Mayby I should try in another country?


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  • I've been all over Italy. What part are you in? The regions are very different from each other, which I'm sure you know, but I've found people are more friendly in certain parts.

    Can you give me a bit more information? Why did you try Italy? Had you ever been there before? Do you know any of the customs there? Are you from the States and if so, what part? Are you on a foreign exchange through school or did you just move there for the experience on your own? Did you know anyone there beforehand? Do you speak the language?

    Well, what I'm getting at is do you have anyone to help you bridge the cultural divide? Sometimes Italians perceive us--well, Americans at least--to be very rude because our customs are so different, which could make it hard to make friends. Also I think in most cities people are curt although some cities are worse than others. It can definitely be hard to meet people in cities like that. From what I've observed Italians somewhat resent outsiders so if they perceive you to be one they might be a little standoffish.

    I say give it more time to let yourself acclimate before deciding whether or not to call it quits. It's not easy for you but it will get easier. You say you've been there 3 months and feel lonely, but 3 months is really nothing when you jump into a totally different culture and have to adjust. Holidays can be hard, though. Can you invite some people over? Friends from abroad or go visit home? Or go on a trip yourself and see a new part of the country?

    Just try to enjoy yourself and keep yourself busy. Italy does have a lot to offer in terms of things to do and experience.

    • thanks a lot for your answer!. I'm from Hungary generally... and in Italy I'm near Venice now, but I'm thinking of moving to Rome, what do you advice me, if you know Italy tell me please?

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  • Which city do you live in?


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  • If you hate hot weather then italy was never the country for you.


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