I need someone's help and advice, I broke up with my girlfriend for 2 weeks now... :-(

[*] I need someone's help and advice,I broke up with my Girlfriend for 2 weeks now,My heart is broken and I'm thinking about her a lot,You see she lied to me and she keeps going behind my back and talking to her ex-boyfriends and tells me she hasn't and I just don't think I deserve to be lied to and to be going behind my back.

[*][*] I treated her like a princess,Bought her lovely jewellery,Took her out to the best restaurants,Ran romantic baths,Candles,flowers,rose petals the lot her,Made her breakfast in bed,I was always super nice to her and making sure she was okay and if she had a problem I would sort it out for her and when she was on her period,I even went out of my way and walked 50minutes to the shop and bought her Ben and jerrys ice cream,magazines and a DVD to help her and so so so much more stuff for her.

[*][*][*] I'm just sad that it had to come down to this,She had her 18th party yesterday and she looks so happy in the photos,I did everything for this girl and it breaks my heart literally in 2.I put so much into the relationship and she took it and destroyed us by lying and deceiving me and I just need someone's advice and help :( on how to get through this time.

Thank you.


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  • She took you for granted, buddy. All that stuff you did for her... did she reciprocate all of that, or were you "putting the p*ssy on a pedestal?" In a relationship, when all of the effort goes one way, it's more like having a butler than a partner.

    This girl no longer saw you as a challenge. There was nothing she had to do to keep the niceties flowing from your end (I'm guessing). That's why I'm glad you put your foot down and broke up with her. You had certain standards that she wasn't willing to meet, and I'm proud of you for making the right decision. She'll only start appreciating this fact after years of dating guys who won't do a quarter of what you did for her.

    I went through some pretty bad times myself, so I understand how you feel at this juncture. Take this as a learning experience - you learned a lot about the opposite sex, whether you realize it or not. You understand yourself better now, what you expect out of a relationship, and where you draw the line. That's a lesson that makes you very datable, indeed.

    So, your first dose of medicine is time and reflection. There's nothing that I can write here without knowing you personally that will magically take the pain of separation and loss away; that's something you're gonna have to man up and push through.

    Your second dose of medicine is to get out there and enjoy your time! All this time you were spending on this girl you can now spend on improving yourself and doing things that you love to do. This is an incredible opportunity to meet new people (among whom you might just find a few lifelong friends) and expand your skills and professional horizons. Use that to your advantage, and pretty soon you'll notice you've stopped thinking about... what was it? Work, travel, program, learn to cook, whatever floats your boat.

    Third, you're young. Mistakes are necessary for experience. I'm betting a woman who appreciates being treated like a princess and rewards you for it will find her way into your life, hands down.


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  • She hasn't appreciated anything you've done for her, you know you've done the right thing ending it, distract yourself with mates go out have fun before you know it you won't be missing her anymore and then you can find someone else who appreciates all the things you do for them... She will be one lucky lady xxx

  • uh how she can do that to you , well if she choosed that let her go in your mind she will come back cause she won't find someone like you to care about her .. your nice guy you gonna get a girl that deserv you and not a girl like your ex .GOOD LUCK

  • I'm sure she's also hurting. But it'd best to focus only on yourself not her or the past


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  • You did the right thing... truth is she'll probably come running back someday but you should focus on healing and moving on. Their are good women out there that will appreciate you for being a good man. I would avoid dating altogether for awhile. Rebound relationships cause more problems than they fix. Go out with your friends and try not to think about her much. As time goes by you'll start to feel a lot better. Good luck!


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